Driving from Whistler to Montreal

A few months ago, the possibility of driving from one side of Canada - namely, Whistler - to the other side - Montreal, in Quebec - was touted in front of me. I’d only ever previously been to Canada for a few short hops whilst living in Detroit - either to Windsor, sometimes, or up to Toronto via the Niagara Falls, so I was keen to give a coast-to-coast (or thereabouts) tour a good go, and thought it would be great to see so many places at once. So, I said yes, and booked some flights to Vancouver.

That was at the end of July, and we’d finalised who was heading out to join us for the two and a half week trip. My fellow drivers (Cristiano, Kevin and Ben) and I decided to start chalking up some routes, and to investigate what we’d need to actually do the trip in reasonable comfort whilst also seeing all that Canada had to offer.

We plotted eight different, potentially feasible, routes across the country, which we worked out would take us about ten days, via the USA:

Proposed routes

We christened our rental car ‘RV Ellipsis’, a homage to the good ship @svellipsis, and set off with creating a Twitter account, @rv_ellipsis to document our travels.

I think our Twitter account does a better job of noting what exactly happened on our travels, so I won’t recount it all here. And there are some things better left for memories than written down anyway…

In the end, the route we took looked a little different to one we’d planned, but was approximately the same:

Actual route

That’s about 5,000 miles, covered in approximately ten days, pretty much from coast to coast. Suffice to say that the only hiccup we had was a car scraped across three panels when I was trying to navigate a small Montreal car park in a big nine-seater Toyota Higlander…

Thanks, Canada. You were great fun! Maybe see you again soon.