After two and a half fun years at the Government Digital Service working as an infrastructure engineer on the GOV.UK project, I decided recently that I needed to spend some tiem seeing other stacks and working in other environments.

I’ve learned a heck of a lot whilst working at GDS, and I’m very grateful to everyone who put their time and effort in to spending time with me, teaching me things and showing me the slightly crazy world that is running a live service which millions of people around the world rely on.

Aviation House was a fun place to work, and it’s full of some utterly incredible people doing a lot of hard work to make things look simple on the outside to the people who matter most; our users. They do this not by putting their needs first, or the needs of their stakeholders first, but by realising that there is one true eventual stakeholder: the user.

I’ve joined ThoughtWorks, a software consultancy, in their Manchester office, and am looking forward to seeing what I can learn, and working with some of their clients as my career progresses.

Thank you, GDS: it was fun. Keep up the good work!